How to go completely undetected on smobnation

How to go completely undetected on smobnation

Posted on : 22 Apr, 2022    |    Last Update - 1 month ago   

Hello smobbers,

Smobnation is a unique and interesting platform. One of the interesting features on smobnation allows you to go completely undetected as if you are not a user on this platform by doing just two things. You will be using smobnation daily yet no one will ever know you are on this platform 

You want total privacy? Do these two things in settings

1. Click on your General Setting and select "Go Private" Go Private allows users to profile to be undetected, for example, You will not appear online and when they search for your name, the search engine will not be able to display your name instead it will say "No Such User" or "Not Found". Also actiavting this feature prevents you from showing in messenger

2. Post anonymously: Select Anonymous or ONLY ME while posting. With anonymous post, no one will ever know who has made the post but everyone can see the post aand ONLY ME means only you can see the post 

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