What is SMOB-Moffice?

What is SMOB-Moffice?

Posted on : 03 Oct, 2021    |    Last Update - 7 months ago   

SMOB-Moffice is a modern and dynamic office management Solution to maintain an effective relationship with organization and employees. Keeping track of employees and their daily activities become much easier and less time consuming. Employee management is the main key objective that helps in the best possible way.

Some of the features

Who’s Who

Your employees will get to know each other by sight with the Who’s Who directory, where they’ll find the contact information, position and location of any person in the company. The Who’s Who also shows colleagues’ birthdays and tenure with the company.


Leave reports

Request and schedule employee vacation, day off, etc…



Have an idea? Employees can share their ideas about anything with either publicly or privately.



Update your employees. Here employee will get updates about company life, including events and news.


Photo Galley

Save and publish photos from your corporate events and share them with your team.


Supported languages

·        English

·        Arabic

·        Azerbaijani

·        Сhinese

·        Danish

·        Dutch

·        French

·        German

·        Hindi

·        Indonesian

·        Italian

·        Norwegian

·        Spanish

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